No More Heroes 3
Image: Grasshopper Manufacture

Suda51’s Grasshopper Manufacture is apparently teasing something on its official website. It’s all part of the company’s 25th anniversary celebrations currently taking place.

The webpage in the link below shows a countdown timer, and attached to it is the message “Something’s gonna happen”. Suda himself has also retweeted this post, but what exactly could be revealed remains a mystery.

Suda51 has previously said it was time for the studio to “say goodbye to Travis”, with a new focus on the next 10 years.

Grasshopper released No More Heroes III on the Nintendo Switch in August 2021, and later on in the same year joined NetEase. This was followed by Travis’ third major outing being ported to other platforms in 2022. Suda also mentioned last year how he’s been talking to Marvel.

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