Apple just dropped trade-in values for older iPads and Apple Watches, but iPhones are yet unaffected

If you planned on trading in your old iPad, Apple Watch or Mac with Apple to get a new one, you will now get less money than just last week.

Starting this week, Apple has dropped trade-in values for most of its products except for iPhones, which are yet unaffected.

The company is also no longer accepting trade-ins of the Apple Watch Series 2, which it would accept just last week with up to $20 offered value.

We have summarized the changes in the table below:

As you can see, you will be getting some $20 less for your old iPad or Apple Watch on average, which is noticeable but probably not that substantial for most people. However, Apple does drop the big dagger on Macs where trade-in values have gone down significantly.

iPhones trade-ins are so far unaffected, but if you are looking to trade-in an older iPhone, you might want to speed up the process, just in case.

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