WhatsApp to drop support for several iPhone models: what does it mean for you?

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WhatsApp is inarguably the most used instant messaging app right now. The company has been working on the app continuously throughout the years, making it simple to use, easy to set up, and accessible. However, if you use WhatsApp on an older iPhone, you should be aware that the Meta-owned instant messaging app will soon be dropping support for some older iPhone models.

Reliable WhatsApp-related website WABetaInfo reports that the company is planning to end support for some iOS versions. The publication spotted a prompt on the app saying that it will drop support for iOS 10 and iOS 11 in the fall. The 2013-launched iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c were not updated to iOS 12. This means that the last iOS update they received was iOS 11, and as a result of this, WhatsApp will stop working on iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c. The change will come into effect from 24 Oct 2022, so users have plenty of time to act.


WhatsApp has also updated its FAQ page, saying that the app works best on iOS 12 and later. This means that you can continue to use the app on iPhone 5s and later, given you update iOS to the latest version available. On the handset it will stop supporting from October 2022, the company will start sending a pop up saying: “WhatsApp will stop supporting this version of iOS after 24 Oct 2022. Please go to Settings > General, then tap Software Update to get the latest iOS version.”

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While the company has not provided an official explanation for why it’s dropping support for iOS 10 and iOS 11, it should be noted that it is not unusual for app developers to drop support for older models. As the hardware becomes older (and slower), it becomes hard for app developers to optimize their apps (and develop new features) for them. The Meta-owned company took a similar step when it dropped support for iPhone 4S last year. If you own an iPhone 5 or 5c and use WhatsApp on a regular basis, there are a few ways by which you can tackle this situation.

What can you do?

Update your iPhone

As noted above, WhatsApp is not particularly dropping support for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c, but instead, the company is ending support for older iOS versions, iOS 10 and iOS 11. This affects only iPhone 5 and 5c because those iPhone models don’t support iOS 12. If your iPhone supports iOS 12 (or above), you can update your device to continue using WhatsApp post-October. iPhone 5s and all the models released after it support iOS 12, so if you haven’t updated your iPhone, you should go to Settings → General → Software Update and do it right away.

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Upgrade to a new smartphone

WhatsApp is ending support for iOS 10 and iOS 11 for now, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the company will continue to support iOS 12 for long. If you have an older iPhone, it might be the time to upgrade. If you want to continue using WhatsApp on an affordable Apple device, check out the latest iPhone SE (2022). Or, if you want to make a switch to the other side, check out the best budget smartphones available right now.

Use other instant messaging apps

Last but not least, you may want to switch to a new instant messaging app if you plan to continue to use your iPhone 5/5c for some more period of time. Apps such as Telegram, Messenger, and Signal are some of the best alternatives you can use. Some offer a lot of features (and sometimes even more) than WhatsApp, while some are considered to be more private. While WhatsApp is ending the support for older iPhones, Apple isn’t, thankfully, dropping the support for iMessage on these iPhones, so you can continue sending blue bubbles to your contacts if you don’t use WhatsApp very often.

WhatsApp is one of the leading instant messaging apps on Earth. Millions of users rely on the service to communicate on a day-to-day basis. Some even use WhatsApp to run their business, but the company has decided to pull the plug for some iPhone models. What are your thoughts on WhatsApp ending support for older iPhone models? Let us know in the comments section below!

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