Inside Prince Andrew’s DAILY Visits To Queen Elizabeth As He Attempts To ‘Make Amends’ For Jeffrey Epstein Scandal!

It appears Prince Andrew is trying to win his way back into his momma’s good graces!

The disgraced royal has reportedly been making daily visits to see Queen Elizabeth II following his sexual abuse scandal. According to sources who spoke to The Mirror on Monday, the Duke of York has been coming to Windsor Castle for a pre-lunch visit with the Queen Mother regularly. An insider told the outlet:

“Andrew is doing all he can to make amends for the shame he brought on his family for being involved in such a scandal.”

While it’s unclear what the pair are doing or talking about during their daily get-togethers, it’s clear that Andrew’s mission is to prove that he can be of use to the family — but to do that, he has to get Her Majesty back on his side.

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He typically stops by to see his mom before going out horseback riding for the day. Sometimes, he’ll even join her for dinner after! So they’re getting a lot of quality time together these days — not something to ignore considering these visits come amid reports that he’s determined to return to public life. Making amends with the Queen would send a strong signal as he reemerges more.

The source explained:

“He wants to make it up to the Queen which is why he is doing all he can to see her as much as possible.”

“Yes, that Andrew is so thoughtful. Makes you forget all about the sexual misconduct trials, doesn’t it?” “Quite.”

Of course, while he might be able to get the 96-year-old to give him another chance –being her beloved baby boy after all — the rest of the royals will be MUCH harder to influence. The confidant continued:

“The rest of the family, apart from Her Majesty, are united in feeling that he should stay out of the limelight and keep quiet having left such a stain on the family.”

Yikes! Harsh but not surprising considering he was embroiled in an icky sexual abuse lawsuit. As Perezcious readers know, he just settled a case brought forth by one of Jeffrey Epstein‘s many victims, Virginia Giuffre, who has claimed for years that she was trafficked to Andrew, who had sex with her when she was only 17 years old. While he continues to deny any wrongdoing, he reportedly settled for £12 million. He was also stripped of his titles and honors during an emotional showdown with the Queen and has been banned from joining her on the balcony during her Platinum Jubilee next month. So the fact that he wants to get back to public life — and believes the Queen might him do that — is kinda shocking!

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The source said of the 62-year-old:

“Although he has clearly been hurt by being cast aside for the Jubilee celebrations, he has been exceedingly chipper of late and appears completely intent on being on hand for his mum while showing the family he is still of some use.”

Speaking off, it appears he’s trying to prove something to another outcasted family member! Andrew was apparently “deeply hurt” by Prince Harry’s remarks about the royal family during his impromptu visit last month. At the time, the Duke of Sussex said that he wanted to make sure the “right people” were around his grandmother. It seems Andrew thinks he’s one of those right people?! Or maybe he’s just trying to step in and take advantage — sorry, and support his mother while Harry continues to cause chaos for the royals? That’s one way to try to get people to forget about your own problems — just sneak back in while they’re focused on someone else!

All this aside, the source did express that these visits shouldn’t be that surprising considering they’ll always be family:

“Andrew has been making regular visits to see the Queen, but she is his mother after all.”

The Queen has definitely drawn some lines in the sand when it comes to Andrew’s public position in the family, but she’s also demonstrated her loyalty to him in private. It will be interesting to see if they interact at all during any of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee events. What do YOU think of this, Perezcious readers?? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via BBC News/YouTube & MEGA/WENN]

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